Fusion technologies are inherently free of any bacteria, fungus, or microbial by-products. Pure-Cut and Lube-Cut products eliminate water and in doing so also eliminate worker exposure to common metalworking fluid chemicals such as biocides, defoamers, chelating agents, and surfactants.  Workers no longer breathe, handle, or interact with inherently contaminated fluids carrying heavy microbial and chemical risks.

According to the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, “occupational exposures to metalworking fluids may cause a variety of health effects. Respiratory conditions include hypersensitivity pneumonitis, chronic bronchitis, impaired lung function, and asthma. Work-related asthma is one of today’s most prevalent occupational disorders, imposing significant costs in healthcare and workers’ compensation. Dermatologic exposures are most commonly associated with, but not limited to, allergic and irritant dermatitis (skin rash). In addition, substantial evidence shows that past exposures to some metalworking fluids were associated with increased risk of some types of cancer.” http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/metalworking/

Pure-Cut is a pure supercritical carbon dioxide fluid that eliminates all concerns listed above by NIOSH.

Lube-Cut uses minimum quantities of oil (MQL) measured in units of milliliters per hour and virtually eliminates all the concerns listed above by NIOSH.  Since Lube-Cut has the flexibility to utilize all types of vegetable oil, synthetic ester, and other worker-compatible lubricants, Fusion Team Associates can work with you to find the best lubricant compatible with both your manufacturing process and the health and safety of your workers.  Lube-Cut is further compatible with most mist control strategies and if applied properly, it is possible to avoid worker exposure to even minute quantities of oil.   Through judicious lubricant selection and appropriate mist control implementation, Fusion products eliminate all concerns noted by NIOSH above.