By Steven J. Skerlos, Ph.D

Fusion Coolant Systems will never use CO2 generated strictly for use as a metalworking fluid.  In other words, we will always use CO2 recycled from other applications.  While it is technically feasible to recycle CO2 from within the metalworking process, it is much less expensive to recover CO2 from the exhaust smokestacks of industrial operations such as the production of ethanol, ammonia, and hydrogen.  Even after accounting for the purification process and trucking the CO2 to your facility, replacing your current metalworking fluids with supercritical CO2 metalworking fluids will almost always lower your carbon footprint due to the energy it takes…  READ MORE


By Steven J. Skerlos, Ph.D.

Fusion technology is inherently clean, and the utilization of supercritical carbon dioxide as a cleaning fluid for oil and grease removal is well documented in diverse industries ranging from semi-conductor fabrication to heavy equipment manufacturing, and even to dry-cleaning clothes.  Pure-Cut and Lube-Cut products pride themselves on keeping workers safe, produced parts spotless, and factories sparkling. Because Lube-Cut is so efficient at entraining oil and delivering it to the cutting zone, some mist can escape with the metal cutting process along with some CO2.  Garden variety mist control units on closed machines are more than enough for keeping this…  READ MORE

Worker Safety

By Steven J. Skerlos, Ph.D.

Fusion technologies are inherently free of any bacteria, fungus, or microbial by-products. Pure-Cut and Lube-Cut products eliminate water and in doing so also eliminate worker exposure to common metalworking fluid chemicals such as biocides, defoamers, chelating agents, and surfactants.  Workers no longer breathe, handle, or interact with inherently contaminated fluids carrying heavy microbial and chemical risks. According to the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, “occupational exposures to metalworking fluids may cause a variety of health effects. Respiratory conditions include hypersensitivity pneumonitis, chronic bronchitis…  READ MORE


Changing manufacturing standards with a supercritical solution that delivers unprecedented productivity and tool life gains while eliminating water-based coolants and coolant alternatives.


  • Productivity Increases

  • Tool Life Increases

  • Dry, Clean Parts

  • Improved Chip & Swarf Control

  • Single Channel System

  • Elimination of Cutting Fluids

  • Operating Costs Decrease

  • Dry Cutting Chips

  • Oxygen free cutting

  • Scrap Value Increases

  • High Cooling Potential

  • Improved Chip Evacuation

  • Higher Lubricity

  • Improved Work Piece Surface Finish

  • Eliminate Post-Machining Cleaning

  • Bacteria-Free Process

  • Controlled Levels of Lubrication

  • Lower Waste Costs

  • Worker Health & Safety Increases

  • Electricity Usage Decreases

  • Decreased Carbon Footprint

  • Controllable Solution Flow

  • Free-Flowing Coolant Channels

  • No Clogging

  • Reduces and in some cases eliminates the risk of fire