Fusion technology is inherently clean, and the utilization of supercritical carbon dioxide as a cleaning fluid for oil and grease removal is well documented in diverse industries ranging from semi-conductor fabrication to heavy equipment manufacturing, and even to dry-cleaning clothes.  Pure-Cut and Lube-Cut products pride themselves on keeping workers safe, produced parts spotless, and factories sparkling.

Because Lube-Cut is so efficient at entraining oil and delivering it to the cutting zone, some mist can escape with the metal cutting process along with some CO2.  Garden variety mist control units on closed machines are more than enough for keeping this minimum quantity oil mist out of factory air.  When needed, Fusion Team Associates will work with you to find a simple and low-cost option to avoiding mist from escaping the process.

A concern customers often express when being introduced to Fusion is whether CO2 concentrations in the factory may reach harmful levels. OSHA clearly outlines COusage criteria at https://www.osha.gov/dts/chemicalsampling/data/CH_225400.html.

Fusion follows industry standard safety best practices to ensure that CO2 levels will never approach dangerous levels in your facility. Redundant safeties have also been designed into all of our products and infrastructure to further safeguard the worker’s health and safety. We meet or exceed all OSHA regulations.

It is straightforward to estimate concentrations of CO2 in the factory and Fusion Team Associates will work with you both to estimate and to verify CO2 concentrations in the factory.  Pure-Cut and Lube-Cut have already passed inspection and cleared for use in testing and operations at two Fortune 500 Companies.