Fusion Coolant Systems

Developed by researcher, educator and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Steven Skerlos, Fusion’s critical patents secure the process of using supercritical carbon dioxide as a machining coolant and vehicle to deliver dry and enhanced lubrication to a cutting zone for applications demanding high lubrication and high cooling. Cooling and lubrication are achieved via single channel delivery because supercritical carbon dioxide completely dissolves lubricants. This allows for unprecedented heat removal potential and lubricity.

Why Use Fusion?

Compelling results have shown that Fusion’s inventive process offers a multitude of cost saving benefits for less operating capital than conventional cutting fluids. Fusion’s supercritical carbon dioxide technology promotes a healthy work environment because it is bacteria free, often eliminates post-machine cleaning steps and has minimal environmental impact, as shown by published research. This disruptive technology has been proven in aerospace, bio-medical, automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing applications that were previously considered out of reach for MQL technology.


Supercritical carbon dioxide flows to the point of machining as a single phase system and is released from high pressure.


The high pressure produces a strong cooling effect and delivers dry or enhanced liquid lubrication.


In either lubrication mode, dry or enhanced liquid, clean and dry chips are produced.


Fusion’s process does not require re-circulation or disposal of the metal working fluid.

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide is:


  • An excellent coolant when released from high pressure.
  • A lubricant on its own that is as effective as a semi-synthetic metal working fluid.
  • An excellent solvent which can, in enhanced mode, provide straight-oil levels of lubrication.
  • Allows higher cooling *and* higher lubricity with higher pressure, leading to higher productivity.
  • Does not clog
  • Lowers operational costs

Developed Ecosystem

We have machine tool builders who offer our technology, fully integrated as well as supporting in-field retrofits. Your current cutting tool suppliers can easily offer modified standard tooling and we have infrastructure partners that will help you reduce operating costs. We also offer engineering services to optimize Fusion Coolant’s process improvements with all of your applications.

How does the Competition Stack Up?

Fusion’s MQL system has lubrication and cooling properties that significantly outperform oil-in-air MQL systems, emulsions, synthetics and straight oils.